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Just Get Active is a content provider for the Primary Cognercise Program, which combines mindful cognitive training with physical exercise to bolster ‘whole person’ performance health and wellbeing. It provides ready access via computer, tablet or phone to an expanding library of professionally produced content that is both age-specific and relevant.

The Cognercise team realises that the efficient use of the body and mind, as life-long ‘value-adding tools’ requires he knowledge and use of correct methods of practice. The repeated attempts to master Cognercise theories (i.e. strength, aerobic, flexibility, mindfulness) builds qualities, which both enhance positive life experiences and reduce the severity of negative ones. Cognercise Primary Health provides a non-competitive opportunity for children to learn, understand, and apply the necessary skills required for a long, productive, and positive life.

All Just Get Active content is proudly based on the Cognercise Philosophy and Methodologies under license from Mind Body Industries.

The Just Get Active program helps students in a variety of ways.
Straight away it engages students and helps some students to wake up in the morning!
It also helps other students who are very energetic to settle and focus on the day ahead.
Miss Richardson

Leading Teacher

I think Just Get Active encourages students to exercise their body and mind.
My favourite part is the meditation and flexibility because we get to relax our minds
and focus on our breathing and I like the different stretches.


I love spending 15mins a day as a family at home doing the JGA Program. It gives me a chance to connect with the kids in a positive way and we can see the improvements in the kids and my fitness already!


I think it strongly bolsters our curriculum program and clearly provides a benefit to the physical, mental and emotional development of our students. I think it is a wonderful program and we will continue to support the program in the coming years.


What is the Primary Cognercise Program?

The Primary Cognercise Program is a seamless online digital platform that has over 100 progressive educational modules, a tailored points/award system, and more.


Who is the Cognercise Program for?

The Primary Cognercise Program is designed for Primary aged children – Foundation to grade 6, Primary school teachers, parents and families with Primary School Aged children.

Program duration and content

The program is designed to support children throughout their primary school years. Videos range from 2 – 15min in length and deliver the latest in practical health and wellbeing education.

Cognercise Lessons

Each structured Cognercise session is comprised of a series of exercises, which have been selected based on their documented benefits and suitability. The training sequence is designed to transition from one activity to the next creating a seamless sense of rhythm and flow. Program demands in terms of complexity, effort and duration increase as the student develops, thereby facilitating each student’s advancement in the understanding and application of their long-term positive health practice both in mind and body.


Teachers have access to year level specific, training packs, which include a variety of HD videos ranging from 2 to 16 min in length. Videos feature Judd Murray, the originator of Cognercise and students selected from almost 30,000 current Victorian members. Aside from the practical Core training sessions, the series also includes dedicated instruction, challenges and testing.

Range of Topics

The Cognercise program covers topics such as posture, balance, breathing, stress management, resilience,
as well as containing elements from the 5 fitness modules.

1. Engagement (Warm-up)
2. Cardio/respiratory (aerobic)
3. Strength
4. Flexibility
5. Mindfulness

Ease of Use

Cognercise programs do not require any exercise equipment and have been designed to be do-able within a ‘standard’ classroom setting. Teachers need no ‘additional training’ to administer the program, all they need do is press start and watch Judd and the Just Get Active Team do the rest, unless, of course, they too wish to Just Get Active.

As the children and their schools progress through the Primary Cognercise Program, their efforts accumulate Health Points (HP). These points are designed to stimulate the motivation of each child and reinforce the ‘effort creates reward’ model.

Home & School Access

The Cognercise Platform’s School Access allows classes to work through the material together. The program encourages students to work as a team, supporting and extending each other to achieve a common goal. Teachers can register and invite each of their students to join their class and share program content for students to access while at home or away.

Cognercise Empowers children to be healthy, happy and resilient!

Family Access Pricing

$99 /per year

Or $15 /per month

School Access Pricing

$15 /per student

/per year

The Cognercise Foundation

Through the generous support of community sponsorship and engagement, the Cognercise Foundation is providing all Australian Primary Schools with free access to industry leading education and training, designed to equip children with the tools they need to help maintain Health and Functional Wellbeing.

“The Just Get Active Primary Health and Wellbeing Program is really clever and so easy to implement. The kids ‘love’ doing the program.”

– D. Gail (Teacher)

“Students aren’t threatened by the exercises and it’s wonderful to watch them have fun and improve so quickly.”

– S.Yong (Teacher)

“Students support each other and there’s no pressure to compete against each other which is so refreshing.”

– T Evans (Teacher)

“The JustGetActive Program has clearly helped our students with ADHD, they have progressed very well, doing the exercises by themselves, becoming more independent and cooperative.”

– J Charles (Teacher)

“The children are a lot more focused after Just Get Active, which has helped their learning and my teaching!”

– E Brady (Teacher / AP)

“They genuinely want to improve and become better at Just Get Active Health. Their personal motivation levels have skyrocketed.”

– T Arnold (Teacher)

“I have one little girl who has Anxiety, she has learnt through the Just Get Active program how to breathe deeply relax and focus, she now does this in class and at home when she feels her Anxiety building and this has helped her a great deal.”

– D. Hunt (Teacher)

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