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Just Get Active

Just Get Active is a wellbeing and fitness program for primary school aged children. Based on the Cognercise philosophies, it combines mindful cognitive training with physical exercise to bolster functional performance, health and wellbeing.

Just Get Active is readily accessed by computer, tablet or phone and contains a library of professionally produced content that is age specific and both beneficial and fun.

The repeated attempts to master Cognercise theories (i.e. strength, aerobic, flexibility, mindfulness) builds qualities, which both enhance positive life experiences and reduce the severity of negative ones. 

Just Get Active provides a non-competitive opportunity for children to learn, understand, and apply the necessary skills required for a long, productive, and positive life.

All Just Get Active content is proudly based on the Cognercise
framework, philosophy and methodologies.

What is Just Get Active?

Just Get Active is a series of online videos specifically designed to help children improve their practical fitness and become more active.

All content is designed by experts in practical health and wellbeing education and caters for a wide range of abilities.


Who is Just Get Active for?

Just Get Active is designed for primary school aged children – Foundation to grade 6. Our sessions can be done as a whole school, a class or individually.

We encourage teachers and parents to train alongside their children, supporting each child’s personal journey and ‘growth’.

Program duration and content

Just Get Active is non-competitive form of fitness training, designed to help support the mind and body development of children.

Presented as group-based exercise without need of equipment, our program content ranges from 2 – 15 minutes in length.

Just Get Active Lessons

Each structured session features a series of exercises which have been selected based on their documented benefits and suitability. The training sequence is designed to transition from one activity to the next creating a seamless sense of rhythm and flow. Program demands in terms of complexity, effort and duration increase as the student develops, both in mind and body.


Teachers have access to beginner & more advanced training packs. These include a variety of HD videos ranging from 2 to 16 min in length.

Feature Judd from Mind Body Industries, and students selected from over 50,000 Victorian members.

Aside from the practical Core training sessions, the series also includes dedicated instruction, challenges and quizzes.

Range of Topics

The Just Get Active series covers topics such as posture, balance, breathing, stress management, resilience, as well as containing elements from the 5 fitness modules. 1. Engagement (Warm-up) 2. Cardio/respiratory (aerobic) 3. Strength 4. Flexibility 5. Mindfulness

Ease of Use

Just Get Active does not require any exercise equipment and has been designed to be do-able within a ‘standard’ classroom setting.

Teachers need no ‘additional training’ to administer the program, all they need do is press start and watch Judd and the Just Get Active Team do the rest, unless, of course, they want to Just Get Active also.

Home & School Access

School Access allows classes to work through Just Get Active material together, encouraging students to work as a team, supporting and extending each other to achieve a common goal.

“Just Get Active is amazing! It truly empowers children to be healthy, happy and resilient!” – Eileen (Principal)

Family Access Pricing

Or $9.99 /per month

School Access Pricing

$99 /per class

/per year