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Our Programs

The Just Get Active programs provide fundamental movement and cognitive skills training and is designed to complement curriculum guidelines set by The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Introducing Cognercise

COGNERCISE encourages ‘Active Mindfulness’ – a state of awareness during controlled activities of varying intensity. Cognercise trains participants to self-motivate and self-sooth appropriately.
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Just Get Active’s Primary Cognercise Program improves an individual’s Health and Wellbeing by strengthening the mindful relationship between their mind and body. Program content is designed to be practical, non-competitive and predominantly classroom-based. All Cognercise material is carefully created to be developmentally appropriate, enjoyable, challenging, and safe for all skill and year levels.

The Just Get Active Primary Health and Wellbeing Program is really clever and so easy to implement. The kids ‘love’ doing the program – D. Gail (Teacher)

Students aren’t threatened by the exercises and it’s wonderful to watch them have fun and improve so quickly – S.Yong (Teacher)

Students support each other and there’s no pressure to compete against each other which is so refreshing. – T Evans (Teacher)

The JustGetActive Program has clearly helped our students with ADHD, they have progressed very well, doing the exercises by themselves, becoming more independent and cooperative – J Charles (Teacher)

The children are a lot more focused after JustGetActive, which has helped their learning and my teaching! – E Brady (Teacher / AP)

They genuinely want to improve and become better at Just Get Active Health. Their personal motivation levels have sky-rocketed – T Arnold (Teacher)

I have one little girl who has Anxiety, she has learnt through the Just Get Active program how to breathe deeply relax and focus, she now does this in class and at home when she feels her Anxiety building and this has helped her a great deal.- D. Hunt (Teacher)

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