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We have found that a lack of ability in one or more of the following fitness elements is a major contributor to individual mind and or body dysfunction. Physically, this often manifests as limitation, weakness and pain. Mentally, individuals generally show an inability to counter stress and remain positively focused and motivated. Our experience, along with a myriad of global research, shows us that the repeated attempts to master these elements, builds qualities, which both enhance positive life experiences and reduce the severity of negative ones.

Just Get Active’s Primary Cognercise ‘Core’ units contain the following 5 essential fitness elements:


Engage (play / warm-up)

Just Get Active’s Core programs commence with a series of playful movements designed to engage, prepare and focus the student’s mind and body. This helps to ensure participants achieve the greatest benefit from their efforts and limits the potential for disruption and injury. A measure of playfulness reduces negativity and tension amongst students. This grants them the freedom to engage more wholeheartedly in the program and to adopt a more resilient and positive attitude toward training in general.


Energise (cardio-aerobic)

Cardio-aerobic fitness is essential for all individuals, allowing students the stamina to function positively and for longer.


Empower (strength)

All individuals require strength to maintain postural integrity and functionality. The amount of strength we need depends on our size and functional demands.


Resilience (flexibility)

Flexibility training affords us a greater range of coordinated movement and control, while reducing some risk of injury.


Focus (relaxation/mindfulness/ meditation)

Mindfulness training  allows us to enhance, calm, and direct our mind, unlocking its potential as both an ally and ‘friend’.

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